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Feasting and Inspiration at the Australian Good Food and Wine Show

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Every October and early November, the Good Food and Wine Show travels to Australian cities, giving the public an opportunity to rub shoulders with artisan food producers, celebrity chefs, and wine experts from around the world.

Whether you’re in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne, you will have three days to taste creamy sheep’s cheese from Tasmania, luscious lychee liqueur from Queensland, or savory South African biltong. You can attend presentations by internationally renowned chefs and get yourself thoroughly sloshed at the innumerable wine, beer, and hard cider tasting stations. Or simply take time to visit with food vendors who are more than happy to share about their farms and processes, and give you tastes of their delectable products.

The dizzying array of options at the Good Food and Wine Show can be overwhelming, but with a bit of forethought and planning, you can ensure that you’ll return home with a head full of memories and bags laden with fantastic deals.
Here are a few tricks to make the event stress-free.

1.   Bring a rolling shopping bag. Really. The vendors and businesses represented at the Good Food and Wine Show arrive with incredible deals on everything from hand-crafted soap and European sausages to jars of olives and hand-painted ceramic pots filled with Italian Amarena cherries. Having a rolling bag allows you to stock up on new favorites while not straining your arms and back.

2.   Bring cash. Bring more than you think you’ll need. While many vendors accommodate credit card payments, others do not.

There is an ATM available for cash withdrawals, but the lines are long, so avoid the delay by planning in advance.

Bringing extra money will allow you to take advantage of the massive discounts available at the show.

3.   Plan before you go. The Good Food and Wine Show website has Plan Your Day tips that enable you to look at the program before you even get there. You can choose the low-cost option by enjoying the show itself and attending free classes on wine-tasting, bread-making, or interviews with celebrity chefs. Or you can buy tickets for a Chef’s Table with renowned chefs such as Maggie Beer or Matt Moran or a Master Class on making Italian Pasta Sauces, The Art of Fermentation, or International Craft Beer. You can even sign up early for the prestigious VIP Celebration Pass which grants you access to the VIP lounge, beverages and canapes, reserved priority seating in the Good Food Theatre, and an assortment of gifts and gift bags.

4.   Arrive hungry.

Every year I plan to eat out somewhere, and every year I can barely move by the end of the day after feasting on everything from organic yogurt and Chinese pickled cabbage to olive tapenade and spicy sausages. If you’re still hungry after sampling, head over to the Grazing Garden to buy platters of fresh tacos, grilled halloumi with yogurt sauce, or sizzling smoked pork ribs.

If you love food and wine, or just want to learn how food is produced, find your inspiration at the Good Food and Wine Show.



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  1. Wow! I would love to try those someday. Hopefully, I can visit Australia too. Thank you for posting this and sharing your interests. Keep sharing and may you have a good day ahead of you. 🙂

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