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Around the Belle-es-sphere: March Edition

Lago di Orta, Italy, piedmont

Good morning from Queensland, Australia! In this month’s edition of  Around the Belle-es-sphere we’re heading to  Provence, Budapest, California, and Italy through the words and photos of our Belle friends from around the globe. We start with a beautiful weekend getaway in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence by Tuula: Weekend in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Belle Provence Travels, 16 February 2014, France … Read more

Italian Destinations for Your Personality Type

When visiting Italy, pick the destinations that best suit your personality Italy is a country that has it all. From sprawling metropolis to charming countryside there is a place for every type of traveler to have the adventure of a lifetime. Italy’s got you covered whether you’re a beach bum, artist, hopeless romantic, urbanite or … Read more

Visiting Aventine Hill, Rome

My favorite hill of the famous seven in Rome is the Aventine, set between the Tiber, Testaccio quarter and the Circus Maximus. A walk there is a lovely way to spend a sunny morning. Ancient churches, mellow-colored buildings and secluded gardens with umbrella pines and cypresses offer a respite from the sometimes noisy and chaotic … Read more

Off-Season Magic in Lago di Garda, Italy

In mid-March, warming weather rouses the tiny castle town of Sirmione like a drowsy debutante. I’ve chosen to visit Sirmione of all the towns around Lago di Garda because I have, admittedly, a girlish fondness for castles. And all too fitting, my mom is with me on this trip to see a castle famously fit for a fairy-tale.

Things to Do in Sardinia, Italy


Imagine all the amazing food of Italy with the beautiful nature of a mediterranean island – that’s Sardinia. The island is popular with tourists for its beaches in the summer time but because I went during the off season, I was able to find some of the island’s more under-recognized gems. My local friend, Francesca, … Read more

Italian Ingredients: Vinegar

Ingredienti Italiani: Vinegar Follow up to last week’s Ingredienti Italiani post on Olive Oil Vinegar: Aceto {ah CHE  toh} Vinegar is wine’s destiny, brought about by exposure to oxygen and specific types of bacteria that use alcohol as nourishment. Vinegar is one more reason to be thankful for the French. The slow, ancient method of … Read more