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Cafe Chat: Festivals around the World

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Across the Cafe Table writing topic for Wednesday, July 11: “Festivals around the World.” July is for celebrating and your assignment is to write about a festival you have traveled to, or one that you would like to attend in the future!


Summer brings celebrations all over the world and here in Ireland it’s a time when everyone puts their best wellie-clad festival foot forward. After all, this country knows how to throw a great party and the slightest hope of warmth and sunshine makes everyone even more enthusiastic.

Festivals in Ireland range from literary gatherings to concert bashes, and there are so many going on that it’s hard to pick just one. I’ve already experienced a few, like the Jameson International Film Festival and Immrama, the Lismore Festival of Travel Writing, but there are plenty more on my to-do list.

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Ameleah Wilson and Roisin Kennedy present a slice of virtue and vice at Charles Fort for the Kinsale Arts Festival 2012.

First is the Waterford Harvest Festival, which takes place over six days in September. Since I moved to Ireland last year, I’ve come to appreciate all the good food produced here: organic yogurt, juicy strawberries, homemade soda bread, soft goats cheese and yes, lots and lots of potatoes. I love going to the farmers markets in and around Dublin to buy fresh food directly from the producers and the Waterford Harvest Festival presents that experience on a larger scale, with markets, demos, workshops, entertainment and more.

Now, the Harvest Festival would satisfy the foodie in me, but the art lover would enjoy some festival action, too. For that I’d like to attend Arts Week in Kinsale, a gorgeous little seaside town with a vibrant community of artists. The program includes a bit of everything, from visual art to dance and theatre. I know there would be plenty to take in – Ireland has produced a lot of amazing artists over the years – plus, I think any excuse to return to Kinsale is a good one; not only is the town lovely and welcoming, but it’s also known as the Gourmet Capital of Ireland, so there’s always plenty of good food to indulge in as well.

Now it’s your turn! Tell us about your favorite festival around the world in the comments or link up a post, old or new below (being sure to link back to the post).

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3 thoughts on “Cafe Chat: Festivals around the World”

  1. I love food and art festivals too, Briana! Though I’ve never been to either in Ireland. Can’t wait to remedy that one day. 🙂

  2. As it happens, I was at a proper Westcountry festival just last weekend, and have posted about it today. Write-up here:

    Although I do love a good British festival, wallowing about in the mud, some of my favourite festivals are the winter sagras here in Italy. You just can’t beat wandering the streets of some tiny mountain town while tasting wine, chestnuts, wild boar, or whatever else the town has just produced. Utterly delicious, and so much fun. In fact, if I can be very cheeky and self-promotional, I posted about one of the sagras last year, too:

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