Best Motorcycle Road Trips In The Alps

Motorcylists ride not only for the adrenaline, but for the beauty of being so close to nature. That's why mentioning mountains and motorcycles to them gives them goosebumps - just by thinking about it. Our guide to the best motorcycle road trips in the Alps…

Christmas Market Magic in Vienna

  Uncovering the Vienna Christmas Markets I first discovered that Europe offered Christmas markets by accident while in Munich when I, a self- proclaimed travel virgin, asked a pedestrian in Munich why Marienplatz was full of little wooden stalls. To be honest, it wasn’t really…

Music in the Air in Salzburg

Palaces, churches, and gardens; wherever you turn in Salzburg there is always a venue where concerts are performed at any given time of the year. It is no exaggeration to say that in Salzburg there is always music in the air.

Experiencing the Viennese Christmas Markets

Vienna, Austria, has always been amongst my favorite capitals especially because it is very close to Hungary, and easy for me to get there. But I had never visited this wonderful city during Advent. Finally last Saturday I did. The weather was cold and snowy, but this did not dissuade me from looking around and discovering the city and its beautiful Christmas markets.