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Seville, Sip by Sip

Before I moved to Seville, I had a vague idea that everyone in Spain drank sangria and the kind of earthy red wines Hemmingway used to write about. I soon discovered that the repertoire of Spanish beverages is far larger and more nuanced than I had imagined. If you ever find yourself in southern Spain, … Read more

Chocolate And Castles In Astorga, Spain

Like many girls, I am in a long-term love affair with chocolate, and have a weakness for fairytale castles. Imagine my delight when I happened across a small town which combined the two. Not so surprising, you might be thinking, if I were in Belgium, or Switzerland perhaps. In fact, I was in northwest Spain, in a town called Astorga.

Visit the Villages of Mallorca

Go to Mallorca, Spain, to experience much more than just sunshine and sandy beaches Mallorca, the tiny island off the coast of Spain is known to many travelers for its beautiful beaches, all-inclusive resorts and vibrant nightlife. What many vacationers fail to see, though, is Mallorca’s historic and enchanting villages. Set away from the tourist … Read more

Travel Moments in Seville

My first visit to the city of Seville was not as a tourist, but as a resident of a nearby town. As a twenty year old Spanish student at a UK university, I was required to spend a year in Spain or South America, fine-tuning my language skills. I applied to work as an English Language Assistant in a Spanish secondary school, ticking ‘Andalucía’ as my ideal destination, hoping that I’d be placed in a quaint coastal town offering plenty of tanning opportunities (my cultural sensibilities were highly developed back then, as you can tell).