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Chocolate And Castles In Astorga, Spain

Like many girls, I am in a long-term love affair with chocolate, and have a weakness for fairytale castles. Imagine my delight when I happened across a small town which combined the two. Not so surprising, you might be thinking, if I were in Belgium, or Switzerland perhaps. In fact, I was in northwest Spain, in a town called Astorga.

Travel Moments in Seville

My first visit to the city of Seville was not as a tourist, but as a resident of a nearby town. As a twenty year old Spanish student at a UK university, I was required to spend a year in Spain or South America, fine-tuning my language skills. I applied to work as an English Language Assistant in a Spanish secondary school, ticking ‘Andalucía’ as my ideal destination, hoping that I’d be placed in a quaint coastal town offering plenty of tanning opportunities (my cultural sensibilities were highly developed back then, as you can tell).