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Time Travel in Japan: Staying in a Japanese Ryokan

Although Japan has a reputation for being ultra-modern with robots, bullet trains, and skyscrapers, it’s still possible to go old school in this culturally rich country and experience the centuries-old traditional way of life. Staying at a traditional ryokan is an authentic experience not to be missed when traveling in Japan. This type of accommodation … Read more

Essential Osaka: Eat and Play

What to do in Osaka, Japan Osaka, Japan has something for every type of traveler from the foodie to the history buff. Foreigners and locals alike flock to this bustling city to experience Japanese culture in this totally unique urban sprawl. For travelers who find themselves in Osaka, there are definitely some essential experiences to … Read more

Fun Things To Do In Tokyo At Night

Tokyo is a city full of lights when it gets dark, and its wealth of billboards, shops and hotels come to life. There is a comparison to be drawn with New York City certainly, but what Tokyo offers is very different. From a relaxing stroll to a helicopter ride, there are many fun things to … Read more