Spinning Fairytales in Sintra, Portugal

Visit Sintra

Inspiring visit to Sintra, Portugal The air was warm, just a slight breeze rustling the treetops, and fat flies were buzzing around a stone cross. Trying to combat my phobia of anything invertebrate, I focused on the view. Out of the dense hilltop forests rose a ridiculously fantastical, multi-colored castle, and not for the first … Read more

Portugal’s agricultural region: O, Alentejo

Portugal Alentejo region

O, Alentejo! The wonder of Portugal’s big nothing “O Alentejo?” It’s hard to pull off a disdainful expression when you’re smudged with plaster dust, but somehow Luis manages it. Then he shrugs dismissively and turns back to his grouting. “There’s nothing there. Fields. Sheep. Sun. I went through it once on a train. Wouldn’t bother.” … Read more

City Break in Porto, Portugal

When visiting Portugal’s second city, Porto, I found it was possible to escape the rat race for a weekend and return relatively refreshed, with by a wallet that didn’t feel as though it had accompanied Paris Hilton on a shopping trip. Unlike much of Western Europe, Portugal still offers travellers excellent value for money, even in the main metropolises of Lisbon and Porto.

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