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Best Ski Resorts in Canada


Skiing is one of the most popular winter sports across Canada and the United States. When the cold weather comes and the first snowflakes begin to fall, some of us dig out our equipment and hit the slopes. This is a perfect way to deal with the melancholy of shorter days and colder temperatures. It … Read more

Top 10 Most Canadian Things to Do in Canada

10. Have a campfire Summer nights by the lake in Canada are not complete without sitting next to a campfire. The smell of burning timber while sitting next to a lake, hearing the loons call to one another while roasting a marshmallow is about as Canadian as you can get.   9. Try Tim Hortons … Read more

Awesome Things To Do In Montreal


Montreal is Canada’s second busiest city with a population of 1.74 million. Located in the Quebec province, its history as a city goes way back, as is reflected in its gothic architecture. Yet Montreal has a modern charm too. Skyscrapers line the city, giving it that New York City zeal so loved by tourists. With … Read more

Things To Do In Toronto As A Solo Traveller


Canada’s largest city, Toronto is a true multicultural hive. From the Chinatown district to the Little Italy district, Toronto is brimming with fascinating food, breathtaking sites and a deep cultural heritage. Toronto is the ideal place to visit for solo travellers. The city is both safe and easy to navigate thanks to the Toronto Transit … Read more

11 Awesome Things To Do In Ottawa

With Canada’s 150th anniversary of the Confederation this year, there is no better time to visit its capital city, Ottawa. Celebrations and events are planned year-round, so it’s an exciting time to be in the region. From concerts and events to fireworks and giant machines, there will be activities for the entire family. Here is … Read more

Never Drink Alone in Montreal

Pulling our suitcases behind us down Laurent Boulevard towards Old Montreal, we were two women ready to take on the eighth largest city in North America. Adults in the eyes of most laws around the world – Meg, a recent high school graduate, me her mother, not. At first I feared I made a mistake bringing … Read more