Top Things to Do in Savannah Georgia

Savannah Georgia is fairly small in size (roughly 142,000 in size), but it is among the US’s top must-see destinations. Brimming with pictorial squares, delicious flavors, antebellum architecture, and a pleasant balance of refinement and friendliness, it embodies southern charm perhaps unlike any other city.…

Strawberry Trifling Along the Georgia Grown Trail

The "Georgia Grown Trail" is soon to be an official designation for the area in and around south Georgia's Route 37. Scattered with a wide variety of agribusinesses, there's plenty to do, see, learn and last, but not least, eat!

Revisiting My Parents’ Honeymoon on St. Simons Island

The next day the plan was to make it all the way to the King and Prince Resort on Saint Simons Island, Georgia, but mother nature had other plans. Hurricane Donna was skirting her way up the East Coast, and the wind and rain got so bad they had to stop at a dive motel just past Savannah.

Girls’ Getaway to Coastal Georgia at Eagle Island

Take a group of women, get them away from their daily lives, throw in good food and wine, and the odds are it's going to be amazing. But with more and more women getting together for this kind of travel what makes a girlfriend's getaway something beyond the ordinary? And where are the best places to go that you may have never considered? In our first feature on amazing girlfriend getaways we bring you: Eagle Island of Georgia.

Quest for the Best Southern Barbecue

General unspoken guidelines for how to find the best southern barbecue (or bbq, as it is almost always abbreviated): 1. Though it seems strange, the more human-looking the pig(s) on the restaurant’s signage, the better the barbecue. BBQ restaurants featuring realistic-looking pigs wearing neither clothing…