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Christmas Markets In Germany


As the days get shorter, and the evenings longer and colder, my mind turns to Christmas and the wintry travel that this time of year can afford. Whilst cities like New York and Paris ooze charisma in the run up to the 25th, I think December is the time of year to make a beeline … Read more

Going Gourmet in Brittany

Petite Bretagne. Little Britain. The region of many beaches and meandering coastlines is home to some of the most varied and delectable cuisine that France has to offer. From crepes for breakfast to the dinners of “fruits de mer” (shellfish, or as the French call them – fruits of the sea), Brittany is a region … Read more

Visiting Oxford with a Local

Visiting Oxford with a local When you think of visiting Oxford, UK, what’s the first image that springs to mind? The university, no doubt. Although the exact date of its foundation remains shrouded in mystery, Oxford is thought to be the world’s oldest university, with evidence of teaching as far back as the eleventh century … Read more

Spinning Fairytales in Sintra, Portugal

Visit Sintra

Inspiring visit to Sintra, Portugal The air was warm, just a slight breeze rustling the treetops, and fat flies were buzzing around a stone cross. Trying to combat my phobia of anything invertebrate, I focused on the view. Out of the dense hilltop forests rose a ridiculously fantastical, multi-colored castle, and not for the first … Read more

Seville, Sip by Sip

Before I moved to Seville, I had a vague idea that everyone in Spain drank sangria and the kind of earthy red wines Hemmingway used to write about. I soon discovered that the repertoire of Spanish beverages is far larger and more nuanced than I had imagined. If you ever find yourself in southern Spain, … Read more