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Belles in Hiding in Lanai

For some travel destinations, you want to go and be seen. Strolling the Seine in Paris. Feeling the wind in your hair overlooking  Sydney Harbour. And sometimes, you want to go and hide – away from it all, doing nothing unless it is happy hour. Unless you plan on camping out in a nearby 3.5-star … Read more

When Visiting Kauai: Relax, but Don’t

Visiting Kauai can mean more than grabbing a beach chair and paperback and planting yourself on a different golden beach each day. Resist! There is so much to do on Kauai! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say I am tempted when visiting Kauai, and beach destinations like it, to grab a beach chair … Read more

Hawaii: When Home May Be the Most Beautiful Place on Earth

Perhaps I had some romantic notion in my head that one day I’d trade the palm trees and tropical sunsets for a clandestine kiss on the top of the Eiffel Tower, or something equally befitting of a black and white movie with a dramatic score. In Hawaii, we’re all about rainbows and lush tropical greens. I wanted to wash it all out for black and white.