Island Hopping Around Greece On A Budget

The dream vacation in Greece can be so much fun, especially if you are traveling with friends! You have been looking forward to it, but the costs are holding you back. You need not as Greece, if planned well, can be done well within your…

Best Things To Do In Elounda, Crete

Elounda is located in the north of the Greek island Crete. A small fishing village, Elounda has lots to offer for holidaymakers from a relaxed nightlife scene to some gorgeous day trips in the sun. So, without further ado, here is our list of the…

Travel Tips To Ensure This Vacation Will Top Your Last

All vacations are memorable, but some are clearly better than others. Think of a time where everything went perfectly, and now imagine your next trip being even better! With these essential tips, you can make every vacation better than the last one. Choosing the Perfect…

The 7 Ultimate Marathons For Any Keen Runner

To be a marathon runner, you've got to be more than just physically fit. You've got to be mentally prepared for the mega challenge ahead. However, for those who are insane enough to consider running a marathon, you're in the right place. This is a…

The Greek food experience in the hands of a monk

Greek food in Greece: dinner prepared with 1,000-year-old culinary traditions I wasn’t sure what I had in mind about Greek food before going to Greece. Visions of gyros with tzatziki sauce, feta cheese, yogurt and a few recipes I’d tried preparing at home came to…

Athens Day Trip to Aegina Island

Before we went to Athens I only knew about Aegina because I had watched one of Jamie Oliver’s TV shows, Jamie does Athens. He visited the Greek island, explored it and cooked all sorts of delicious, yummy food. Then and there I decided that we…

The Peloponnesian Peninsula and the Anatomy of a Shrine

Roadside shrines: A Mystery of Visiting Greece Driving in Greece you can't go very far without seeing little shrines, located along the side of the road. Often brightly painted, they often occupy the most scenic spots, on steep cliffs with beautiful views of the sea far…

Psiri – The New Plaka District Of Athens

I was even more intrigued. My elegant and sophisticated friend obviously had a condo in the red light district and, to boot, was waiting for me on a street corner? My travel fatigue and black mood were quickly forgotten; I was on my way.

Zorba’s Beach In Greece

Suddenly, I could clearly envision the last scene of the movie version of the novel. Zorba, alone on the beach; dressed in pants and a shirt with sleeves rolled up, moving across the sand -- full of emotion, life - what the Greeks call kefi.

The Street Food of Athens, Greece

... under the looming gaze of the Parthenon, lies the Monastiraki section of the city. Take a stroll through this bustling neighborhood where vendors sell fish, meat and vegetables alongside more touristy fare of T-shirts, worry beads and replicas of ancient vases, and you'll come across one of my all-time favorite treats : roast chestnuts. You have to work a little at peeling back the crispy outer layer, but it's worth it! Chestnut vendors sell roast corn as well -- tastes great with a sprinkle of Greek sea salt on top.
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