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Zorba’s Beach In Greece

Suddenly, I could clearly envision the last scene of the movie version of the novel. Zorba, alone on the beach; dressed in pants and a shirt with sleeves rolled up, moving across the sand — full of emotion, life – what the Greeks call kefi.

The Street Food of Athens, Greece

… under the looming gaze of the Parthenon, lies the Monastiraki section of the city. Take a stroll through this bustling neighborhood where vendors sell fish, meat and vegetables alongside more touristy fare of T-shirts, worry beads and replicas of ancient vases, and you’ll come across one of my all-time favorite treats : roast chestnuts. You have to work a little at peeling back the crispy outer layer, but it’s worth it! Chestnut vendors sell roast corn as well — tastes great with a sprinkle of Greek sea salt on top.

Athens Day Trip to Aegina Island

Before we went to Athens I only knew about Aegina because I had watched one of Jamie Oliver’s TV shows, Jamie does Athens. He visited the Greek island, explored it and cooked all sorts of delicious, yummy food. Then and there I decided that we needed to see this island ourselves. When we found out … Read more

Blinded by the Beauty of Corfu

Part one of a three part series on visiting Corfu Arrival: The spring sun was setting brilliantly over the Ionian Sea as my six friends and I boarded our ferry in Igoumenitsa, Greece, and headed for the island of Corfu. We clambered up to the top deck, found spots on slatted wooden benches, and let … Read more

A Little Peace at a Convent on Corfu

Part two of a three part series on Krista’s visit to the island of Corfu: The sun was glorious and hot as my six friends and I left our poolside oasis at the Hotel Pantokrator and headed out to explore the island of Corfu. While our 9-passenger van had served us well through the back … Read more

Corfu Part Three: A Trip to Mouse Island

Part Three of Krista’s travels to Corfu: It was a gloriously hot day in Greece as my friends and I decided to leave our pool side oasis and start exploring the beautiful island of Corfu. As we tossed around ideas, my brother mentioned a place called Mouse Island. As soon as he spoke those words, … Read more