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5 Great Latin American Road Movies


Beyond The Motorcycle Diaries, here are 5 of the all-time best road trip movies of Latin America. With roads stretching across continents, wild jungles, soaring mountains, barren deserts, and icy lands, when it comes to the best road trip movies, Latin America is the place to film. But while Walter Salles’ 2004 hit, The Motorcycle Diaries, … Read more

Un-Cruise to the Sea of Cortez on PlumDeluxe

I have an article up today over on about Dave’s and my recent Un-Cruise to the Sea of Cortez. When I pictured our perfect cruise, there would be no huge ports of call, iceberg-sized vessels, nor sunburned, sombrero-clad masses. There would be an absence of rock climbing walls, wave pools, and Love Boat-style midnight … Read more

How to Make Tamales

In California we are fortunate to have an abundance of ethnic restaurants, especially Mexican ones. When you have friends from Mexico who cook, or when their moms cook for you, it’s even better. Around Christmas, I’ve been known to hang around these friends’ houses just a bit more because I know it’s the season for tamales. During the holidays in a Mexican household, you’ll see bags filled with cornhusk-wrapped packages being passed around like presents

Living it up on Day of the Dead


Day of the Dead, or Dia de los Muertos, is celebrated the first two days of November throughout Mexico, as well as in other parts of the world. Combining aspects of  Halloween, a funeral and Marti Gras, the holiday boldly incorporates joy, sorrow, darkness and color. Experiencing the celebration last year in Oaxaca, Mexico, I found it … Read more

Day One: Sea of Cortez Cruise Moments

Unlike other natural wonders in and around North America, such as Hawaii and Alaska, a cruise on the Sea of Cortez begins as a mystery. Before this trip last week, I’d never read about this sea that lies between mainland Mexico and Baja California, nor seen it on television.  People don’t win trips on game … Read more