Female Healers Near Ubud

Landing in Ubud by way of Singapore, I felt a wave of relief wash across my being. Like the cool ocean breath, I immediately felt alive and inspired by Bali. The living colors and vibrant nature of blissful island living tap danced across my soul.…

Awesome Things To Do In Jakarta, Indonesia

Okay, I'll be honest, I wouldn't put Jakarta on the top of my list of places to visit. However, if you do find yourself travelling through Jakarta for a few days, then I encourage you to embrace the frenetic pace of the city and check…

Discovering Indonesian Food in Bali

Indonesia’s 3,000-mile string of islands arcs across the globe like a sword slung from the earth’s equator. Near the bottom of the curve, at the confluence of the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea, sits Bali. A Hindu island in a Muslim archipelago, Bali…