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Spring in Tenerife, Spain

The Glamour Granny goes against the advice of a neighbor and leaps at the chance to visit Tenerife, Spain, in the Canary Islands. Will she like it? Sometimes it’s the weirdest things that trigger a spontaneous decision to travel for me. Admittedly, there are drawbacks to living on your own, having no family to consider and no … Read more

Why Travel & Why We Miss Home?

Isn’t it amazing how we humans always want what we don’t have and not what we do? It’s the reason for the invention of hair straighteners, plastic surgery and tanning salons. It surely plays a big part in the reason why we travel. We find our own little world unbearably dull and ordinary at times and so go off in search of some more exotic place.

Visiting Madrid with an Expat

When I was living in Spain’s largest city, I played host to a stream of visitors and developed my own Madrid tour (tailored to my guests’ interests, naturally). So in order to test the expat guide theory, here’s my guide to seeing Madrid in a weekend.

Palma: Ancient History and Modern Day Fun

On the Balearic Island of Mallorca, the city of Palma brings together ancient history and modern-day fun Palma, Mallorca is best known for being the capital of the Balearic Islands, one of Spain’s autonomous regions, as well as the birthplace of Rafal Nadal, currently one of the best – and most handsome – tennis players … Read more