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Travel Dreams

Dreams A girl can dream. I have, ever since my mother found me at age four digging a deep hole in our backyard and asked me if I was digging to China. “Yes, I am,” I answered, liking that idea. This morning this is my list: Take a bicycle tour of the Friesland region of … Read more

Why Travel & Why We Miss Home?

Isn’t it amazing how we humans always want what we don’t have and not what we do? It’s the reason for the invention of hair straighteners, plastic surgery and tanning salons. It surely plays a big part in the reason why we travel. We find our own little world unbearably dull and ordinary at times and so go off in search of some more exotic place.

Teaching English Abroad In South Korea

Having lived and taught English in South Korea for the last nine months, it’s difficult to put my experience into words. When I try to articulate what I’ve seen and done while teaching abroad, it never quite matches the beauty of the adventure I’m on. No matter what, I always seem to come up short. … Read more

The ‘Three Hots’ of Chongqing, China

We touch down on the runway at Chongqing’s airport and I glimpse at a heavy haze that weighs the city down. We disembark, gather our luggage from a sluggish carousel and greet our transfer host, Leila. She announces herself with an effervescent smile and a flirtatious spunk we haven’t encountered since landing in China over … Read more