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A Spring Road Trip Through Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia travel has brought me great joy, moments of reflection, and the courage that comes from venturing into unknown territory and finding treasures of culture, history, and natural beauty. Although it is easy to fly into main cities such as Mostar or Sarajevo, driving through…

Never Drink Alone in Montreal

Pulling our suitcases behind us down Laurent Boulevard towards Old Montreal, we were two women ready to take on the eighth largest city in North America. Adults in the eyes of most laws around the world – Meg, a recent high school graduate, me her mother,…

Incommunicado in Costa Rica

 Letting go of the cellphone and the best laid plan As soon as I learned I’d be celebrating a milestone anniversary in Costa Rica, I jumped at the chance to solidify my status as Oldest and Sharpest Globetrotting Friend. The vacation was nearly two months…

The 'Three Hots' of Chongqing, China

We touch down on the runway at Chongqing’s airport and I glimpse at a heavy haze that weighs the city down. We disembark, gather our luggage from a sluggish carousel and greet our transfer host, Leila. She announces herself with an effervescent smile and a…

Lessons from the Girl Scout Law for Today's Travelers

While I wasn’t the most motivated scout – I’m pretty sure my grandpa bought most of those cookies – some things did stick with me and are often applied to my life as an expat and traveler. And no, before you get ahead of yourself it’s not the well-known motto Be Prepared (although you have to admit, that is a pretty good motto,) it’s the Girl Scout Law

The Way of Victoria to Santiago

When long distance hiking gets personal, but not in the way you thought it would be The Camino de Santiago, or the Way of Saint James, is an ancient pilgrimage route following the path taken by Saint James, eventually ending in the cathedral that holds…
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