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Literary travel through reading and the imagination

Let me take you on a journey. We’ll stop in five countries on three different continents. We will sample the most evocative, sensuous and fabulous food and drink on offer. But wait, put your passport down, don’t stress about packing. The only thing you need for this adventure is a good imagination.

April Airplane Reads

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If you are lucky enough to be traveling this month or just looking for a new captivating story to sit outside and enjoy the nice weather with, well I have the perfect books for both. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon is the first book in the ever-popular dystopian young adult genre. With the success … Read more

Do you still buy traditional guidebooks?

…And do you have a favorite Paris hotel? The Travel Belles tackle the practical question of travel information-gathering, and dream about best places to stay in the City of Light.   Weekly Question #14: Do you still use traditional guidebooks? Considering we’re a committed group of internet-savvy, blog-writing Travel Belles, it seems we still have … Read more

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse: A French Medieval Geek’s Review

Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse, was the book which led me to Carcassonne, a town in the South of France. In simple terms, this is a time-slip, grail-quest novel, but this does it would be a disservice to say this book is just like The Da Vinci Code. Labyrinth is not merely a holiday read, jumping on the Grail bandwagon; it is well-researched and rich in historical fact, combined with a touch of magic.