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Belles love Cooking Around the World because several of their favorite things they bring back from their travels are related to food, including recipes, memories, and inspiration.

Raise A Glass To Spring

Although some places in the Northern Hemisphere are still snowed in, Spring truly has arrived and is well worth celebrating, if only for the sheer hope of warmer days one day soon. In the spirit of blue skies and green grass, cherry blossoms and going…
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Around the Belle-es-sphere: February Edition

This is Krista, writing to you from Queensland, Australia this morning as I share a round up of great posts from the Belle-es-sphere, the blogs written by some of our favorite past Travel Belle contributors. We start in Canada with a tour of a festival…
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A Visit to the Escargot Farm in Estoher, France

La ferme aux escargots near Perpignan My first experience with escargots was, quite appropriately, in a Parisian bistro famous for their roast chicken called L’Ami Louis. In this particular establishment, a dozen giant escargots de Bourgogne arrive on a glass platter destined for this purpose,…
Cooking Around the World: Aromatic Singapore Curry Laksa

Cooking Around the World: Aromatic Singapore Curry Laksa

If you like to travel around Asia then you will probably be familiar with some of best dishes on offer. A dish that has proved popular across the board, and particularly in Singapore is mouthwatering Laksa. Laksa is a tantalising spicy noodle dish that is…

Brodetto alla Vastese: Fish Soup from Abruzzo, Italy

Travel anywhere along the Adriatic Coast and you cannot ignore the traditional fish cuisine. Each locality has its own speciality such as stuffed mussels and stuffed squid, pasta with clams, fried fish, pasta and chickpeas, seafood soup and so on. Not least, the Gulf of Vasto, where many dishes are still prepared by local mums in the traditional way.

Orange Biscuit Recipe Made with Market Fresh Spanish Oranges

During these winter months, Seville's markets offer a wealth of variety: wild mushrooms from the nearby Sierras, tagarninas (thistle-like shrubbery) and wild, bitter-tasting asparagus. But the most prominent feature are those round, vibrant-coloured boules, synonymous with Seville: oranges!