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Why Italian Hot Chocolate is Amazing

Hot chocolate in Italy is my favourite warm, Italian treat. It's perfect for those cool winter days. In Italy, the time has come to relinquish the fluorescent, plastic gelato spoon. You may crave the cool sweet 365 days a year, but many gelaterie close in the…

Falling in Love with Chocolate in San Francisco

Jessica, our favorite chocolate loving Travel Belle, went in search of chocolate in San Francisco. She reports in with the tasty results The San Francisco Bay Area is home to fantastic food and wine, making it a great place to travel for any Belle. There…

Best Chocolate in New York City

My obsession with chocolate travel is well documented on Travel Belles. Everywhere I travel I search out local chocolate shops and cafes. New York City is just the place to try all types of edibles - including chocolate. This spring I ended up traveling from my…

Turin: An Italian Chocolate Primer

Giddier than a teenager going to a Justin Bieber concert, with chocolate guidebooks in hand, I set out to visit the hundreds of chocolate shops in the city. Although I didn’t get anywhere close to all of them, I’m sure I made a serious dent in Turin’s chocolate supply. Death by chocolate was a strong possibility. Via visits to six chocolatiers, I give you a glimpse of my chocolate binge in Turin.

Capitally Good Chocolate

Washington is a diverse city. There are three distinct versions of this metropolis - the city of politics, the city of tourists, and the city of residents. Today I want to share three equally diverse chocolate experiences I have discovered here in the U.S. capitol.

Chocolate Adventures in London and Paris

On the flight over I thought about my long and disjointed itinerary for the trip - restaurants, cafes, Stonehenge, palaces, cathedrals, shopping, museums, and (of course) chocolate shops. I decided my chocolate-related shopping goal on this trip was to find the most delicious truffles in the two European capitals we would be visiting.

Angelina Café and How Not to Lose Weight in Paris

Paris is about indulgence, joie de vivre, living in the moment, is it not? It's not about calorie counting or speed walking to burn off your travel experiences. Paris is indulgence and this is why I’ve come-- to dive in. I'm putting guilt on hold.
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