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3 Reasons to Fight the Urge to Avoid Las Vegas

When I ask people why they don’t like Las Vegas, the answer is usually some variation on the many stereotypes that rise from the commercialization and publicity of Sin City. People who haven’t visited Las Vegas for themselves seem to assume that the streets are paved with slot machines, beer comes out of the water faucets, beautiful 20-somethings rule the city and that money is torn up and thrown into the wind.

Lack of Airplane Etiquette

rude people on airplanes

  Although nothing recent can quite top the instance of seat back wars I wrote about last summer, it seems that every time I fly these days there is a small tale of woe, mostly of the social studies kind, worth sharing. So can everyone buckle their seat belts? Please? Airplane Etiquette Gone Awry Without meaning to … Read more

Ways to Learn a Language before you Fly

learning local language

Excitement is building. After thumbing your way through armfuls of travel magazines and tour brochures, and scouring the web, you’ve chosen your next destination. Now is when the trip really begins. Preparation is an unavoidable part of travelling and sometimes requires skillful planning. So, there’s always a never-ending list of things to do – booking … Read more

Wearing Henna Art in Morocco

henna morocco baby shower

The body becomes the canvas for rich, henna art in Morocco “Khadijah wants to henna your hands,“ Aziz translated for me. It was a caught in the headlights moment, as getting my hands hennaed was only slightly above being held captive in Western Sahara for my last few days in Morocco. Once glance at Khadijah, … Read more

Complete Guide to Flying with Children from a Travel Belle Mom

“Single mothers or those traveling alone with small children: please come to the front of the line for immediate boarding.” What was that? Did the voice coming through the speakers just say “single mothers?” The two of us, toddler and I hobble along, boarding passes clenched between teeth and stuffed, life-size Labrador Retriever tucked underarm. … Read more