Wearable Luggage and Other Things I Love this Week

History of travel – an animated view of the story so far (Infographic), Tnooz, by Kevin May via HotelClub This is an absolute travel and history lover’s dream! Shared over on Tnooz this week, this fantastic animated infographic highlights the History of Travel. The graphic proposes 1863 as the year marking the dawn of modern tourism. … Read more

Ways to Learn a Language before you Fly

learning local language

Excitement is building. After thumbing your way through armfuls of travel magazines and tour brochures, and scouring the web, you’ve chosen your next destination. Now is when the trip really begins. Preparation is an unavoidable part of travelling and sometimes requires skillful planning. So, there’s always a never-ending list of things to do – booking … Read more

Lack of Airplane Etiquette

rude people on airplanes

  Although nothing recent can quite top the instance of seat back wars I wrote about last summer, it seems that every time I fly these days there is a small tale of woe, mostly of the social studies kind, worth sharing. So can everyone buckle their seat belts? Please? Airplane Etiquette Gone Awry Without meaning to … Read more

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