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How to Deal with Jet Lag

“The Laggies” is a term invented by my good friend Laurie and I. When I spoke to Laurie about this post and thanked her for coining the term she immediately protested that it was I who had invented it. Apparently we both have been pinning the credit on each other without knowing the true inventor. … Read more

Lack of Airplane Etiquette

rude people on airplanes

  Although nothing recent can quite top the instance of seat back wars I wrote about last summer, it seems that every time I fly these days there is a small tale of woe, mostly of the social studies kind, worth sharing. So can everyone buckle their seat belts? Please? Airplane Etiquette Gone Awry Without meaning to … Read more

Complete Guide to Flying with Children from a Travel Belle Mom

“Single mothers or those traveling alone with small children: please come to the front of the line for immediate boarding.” What was that? Did the voice coming through the speakers just say “single mothers?” The two of us, toddler and I hobble along, boarding passes clenched between teeth and stuffed, life-size Labrador Retriever tucked underarm. … Read more

Wearable Luggage and Other Things I Love this Week

History of travel – an animated view of the story so far (Infographic), Tnooz, by Kevin May via HotelClub This is an absolute travel and history lover’s dream! Shared over on Tnooz this week, this fantastic animated infographic highlights the History of Travel. The graphic proposes 1863 as the year marking the dawn of modern tourism. … Read more