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The Alhambra of Granada: Spain’s Most Visited Monument

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The Alhambra of Granada is one of the most popular places to visit in Spain and a prime example of the country’s Moorish heritage.

Constructed in the mid 14th century, the Alhambra is a vast complex combining fortress, palace, and gardens, the hilltop site is home to some truly beautiful architecture.

The main attraction, the Palacios Nazaries, is all the more remarkable considering that it was built hundreds of years ago from cheap materials (brick, wood, and adobe).

Nowadays, instead of Moorish rulers, the Alhambra is full of camera-toting tourists, but even the crowds can’t dim the charm of its intricate construction, calligraphy-engraved walls and stunning views of Granada and the hills beyond.

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3 thoughts on “The Alhambra of Granada: Spain’s Most Visited Monument”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it Abby! It really is a beautiful place, and very romantic as you say. My first trip there was several years ago when I lived near Seville on a year abroad from university so it has happy memories for me too. It was snowing that day which made it even more special. You’re very lucky to have lived in Granada!

  2. I did a paitning of the Abby many years ago from a poster. I have been trying to find another picture of the ‘inner court yard (garded), showing seven dimensions. Would love it if someone is familiar
    with this garden or has a photo, please help me.
    Thank you

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