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The Best 20-Minute Hotel Room Workout For Traveling Women

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A hotel room workout for women to balance that vacation indulgence with a quick, easy workout

Christina gets her exercise by riding a bike through Amsterdam. No excuses for bad weather, though: There’s always the hotel room

I can already hear the uncertainty of some Belles after reading the title of this article: “20-minute workout on vacation? No thank you!”

Yes, I know vacation is supposed to be about relaxing and taking a break from it all. Still, I think we can all agree on how difficult it is to get back into our normal exercise routine after returning home. Suddenly we are gasping for air after our first lap around the track and our legs turn into spaghetti while doing lunges.

Believe me, ladies, we have all been there, myself included. It is easy to stop working out but much more difficult to get back into it. With that said, it is essential to stay on track while on vacation.

Here is a quick 20-minute hotel workout that can be done in your room.

No equipment? No excuses! This routine is all about body weight.

And did I mention our hotel room workout for women only takes 20 minutes?

Travel Belles Hotel Room Workout for Women

30 seconds lunges on the right leg
30 seconds lunges on the left leg
30 seconds of squats or squat jumps*
30 seconds push-ups**
30 seconds jumping jacks
30 seconds rest

Repeat the above circuit six times, continuing to the next exercise without rest until needed (totaling 18

Finish off with 2 minutes of abs (1 minute of crunches, 1 minute of reverse crunches).

*Come down into a squat, shifting your weight back onto your heels. I always tell my clients to act like they are squatting on a dirty toilet, so that their knees don’t go further than their toes. Yes, I know it’s not the ideal example but we Travel Belles have encountered not the cleanliest of toilets, so I know you understand. If you choose to do squat jumps, come down into squat and jump up before coming into the next set.

**Pushup can be done on your knees, but keep your booty down!

If you are unfamiliar with any of the exercises, you can easily find them  here:


Jump Squats:

Beginner Guide to Push-ups

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  1. Wow, I never thought it could be so simple to get a workout in while I’m on the go. I am definitely going to try this next time. No more stressing over where to find a gym or exercise equipment! Thank you Christina for your advice,you have motivated me!!

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