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Avoid a Travel Hangover with These 5 Tips

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After a much anticipated wait it’s finally here…vacation time! You have your trip planned, bags packed, and have stayed on a strict diet and exercise routine to fit into that teeny tiny polka dot bikini.

Upon arrival in paradise, you’re lying by the pool with a drink in hand and all kinds of decadent treats. Before you know it, you’ve spent a week overindulging in unlimited cocktails and sweets, and you realize that you’re heading home feeling a bit puffy and extra snug in your favorite pair of pants. It’s easy to end up suffering from a travel hangover.

I myself am getting ready for a three-week adventure in Indonesia. Being a huge foodie, the first thing that came to mind whe

n booking the trip was, “Hmm, I wonder what the Indonesian food is? Oh boy, I hope they have curry!” And while I plan to indulge in the delicious cuisine, I’m also a personal trainer, so I’ll be sure to use these simple rules to avoid a travel hangover and any vacation bulge.

1. Stick to your normal food schedule

When on vacation our normal snacks and meals aren’t as readily available as they are at home. Plan a trip to the local market to purchase some fresh produce to store in your hotel room. Having food accessible and munching on something every two to three hours will allow you to keep your blood sugar and metabolism up. Make sure to fuel your body and to eat before you are hungry so you avoid excess stuffing later on. Great snack options are fruits, vegetables and nuts.

2. Walk, walk, walk

During vacation, it may be hard to squeeze in a full-blown workout but try to plan at least a 30-minute walk each day. You can easily accomplish this, especially when out sightseeing. Opt out of using a cab and explore the city on foot. Not only will you be getting in some exercise, but there is also no better way to discover a place then to get lost in it! Also, ask your concierge about local activities that require physical fitness, such as hiking, canoeing and swimming.

3. Pack a resistance band

These amazing bands are very compact and travel-friendly; it’s like bringing weights with you without all the extra weight. Plan a 30-minute morning workout before your day starts, or spread it out throughout the day. Whenever you enter your room, do a set of bicep curls.

4. Share meals

When dining out, allow yourself to try local delicacies but opt for sharing your main meal. This way, you can have a well-portioned meal that isn’t going to leave you stuffed like a Thanksgiving turkey.

5. Enjoy yourself!

Last but not least, make the most of your vacation. It goes by quick, so while you’re there do everything and anything you want to do. Wake up early to watch the sunrise and stay up late till the sun goes down. If you miss a workout or indulge in one too many cocktails or treats, keep calm and carry on. The not-so-secret “secret” is to be sure to jump right back into to your normal routine upon returning home.

Bon Voyage!

How do you avoid a “travel hangover?” 

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  1. Hey Tina,
    This is a great article! I love the tips you gave and it was very well written. I a
    Going to share this on my page for my clients. Great job and thanks for writing, I am looking forward to more article from you!

  2. The share meals idea is my favorite! I can’t tell you how often I’m traveling somewhere and eat everything on my plate just because it’s there… The make a “happy plate” syndrome from childhood! thanks for your nice article, Christina!

  3. Walking is what I do every day anyway, so whilst traveling it’s even more exciting because it’s combined with sightseeing. Before you even realize it, you have covered several miles and can indeed reward yourself with that coveted chocolate cake without regrets.

  4. Great tips! I really like the one about walking, that is a great way to burn calories on trips. Using a resistance band or doing exercises with your own body weight is also easy to do in a small space and effective strength training.

  5. Thanks for the lovely feedback ladies, I am currently working on a 20-minute hotel workout piece! Have a Great Thanksgiving..try incorporating some of these tips on turkey day 😉

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