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Tips To Help Get Your Vacation Started Off On The Right Foot

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Let’s face it, planning a vacation can sometimes be challenging.

Traditionally, people take vacations to de-stress, relax, unplug and find themselves, and very often, the vacation planning process can actually cause more stress to your everyday life and do more harm than good.

Ever heard of needing to take a vacation from your vacation?

To ensure you’re getting your next vacation started off right, we’ve got some tips to ensure it’s as stress-free as possible!

Including hacks for setting up voicemail, saving money on flights and attractions and keeping loved ones in the loop so they don’t panic if they don’t hear from you for a few days.

Set up a Voicemail

First thing’s first. You don’t want your family, friends or co-workers thinking you fell off the face of the earth when they can’t get a hold of you.

Be sure to change your voicemail greeting to reflect the fact that you’re currently on vacation and when you’ll be back!

You can even let them know where you’re staying in the event they want to check in on you or reach you on your hotel phone.

Curious about how to setup voicemail?

It’s really quite easy! Simply follow these steps:

  • Press and hold 1 which will call your voicemail
  • If prompted, enter your password
  • Record your greeting

See? Easy as pie!

Create a Hashtag

To keep all of your friends and family in the loop, create a hashtag on Instagram that your loved ones can follow to keep up with your adventures.

If you use the tag on all of the photos you post, this will allow your loved ones to find all of your photos in one place, plus it makes it easier for you to reminisce about your vacation after you get back home.


If you’re into travel blogging or journaling, documenting your adventure makes for a great way to share the highlights with your loved ones or social media followers later.

Blogging and journaling also provide you with the opportunity to reflect on your vacation, the highs, and lows, advice for fellow travelers and tips for the next trip you take.

Get Those Discounts

Use apps like Kayak to book your flight so you can get the cheapest rate possible. Set a notification for the departure and arrival airports and the time you’re looking to travel and Kayak will send you updates whenever there’s a price increase or decrease.

If your departure date and time is flexible, you’ll have more opportunity to save.

In addition to using an app to book your flight, you can also use apps like Groupon to save you money at restaurants, attractions, and excursions.

Just be sure to download the app so you can redeem your vouchers at the locations, or have them printed off in advance depending on the requirements and fine print.

To ensure your vacation gets started off right, be sure to set a voicemail greeting for your loved ones and friends, create a hashtag to compile your memories, document your adventures and get those discounts by hunting through Groupon and Kayak.


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