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Weekly Question Round-up: Travel Disappointments and a Belle Hotel

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Weekly Question #9:  Have you ever been disappointed by a place or attraction?


Yes, we’re Travel Belles, optimistic, spirited women who try and see the best in every experience we’re lucky enough to have. But sometimes even we feel a sense of disappointment. Still, in true Travel Belles style, the responses to our Weekly Question were measured, rather than moany.

Amanda, Brittany and Katy agreed that it was often mass tourism which could ruin the experience of a place, whether that was the litter, graffiti and pollution at the Luxor Temples in Egypt or the tour-bus crowds in Evora, Portugal. However, as Brittany pointed out, traveling out-of-season can sometimes alleviate those problems and allow you to enjoy a place more.

Judith and Margo are true Belles who try to keep expectations in check – and who always look for the positives. Judith wasn’t impressed with the gaudy public face of Shanghai’s Night Market, but finding the local life going on behind the scenes was a travel experience to remember.

Sometimes, it’s not the place at all, but our frame of mind – Margo was sick of chateaux by the time she reached Cheverny in the Loire Valley, having already toured 6 in a couple of days, and Katy was underwhelmed by the Iguassu Falls at the end of a long trip. That’s when we know that it’s time to rest, go home, and become re-enthused for travel once more.


Weekly Question #8: What’s your favorite hotel amenity?

We had a few gripes about hotels the week before  – particularly those lacking WiFi and bathtubs – but in doing so, we created our own, fantasy, Travel Belles hotel. Its amenities include:

Generously-proportioned bathrooms with deep-soaking tubs and luxurious toiletries – not forgetting the basics, like toothpaste! Margo, Judith and Kate know exactly what they want after a long day of sightseeing!

Reliable, free WiFi. The codes are provided in the welcome pack and there’s never a problem with connectivity. Is that really too much to ask?! This keeps all of us happy, particularly Amanda, Kimberley and Katy.

Somewhere lovely to lounge and read the local papers or watch films is a priority for Justine and Krista – and the odd spa treatment wouldn’t go amiss either.

Finally, those little extras which add a certain je ne sais quoi to the best hotel stay – be that creatively-folded towels, a welcome bottle of wine or the perfect mattress. Margo, Suzpaseos and Brittany aren’t fussy – just discerning!

So when are you checking in to Casa Travel Belles? 😉

This week, we’re asking: Where do you get your travel inspiration from? Remember, you can get involved on Twitter and Facebook too, using the hashtag #TBCafeChat.


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