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The Most Exotic Travel Destinations For Couples

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One of the best things about being in a relationship with someone that you are so compatible with is that you will have the perfect travel buddy.

And one of the things about having the perfect travel buddy is that you will have unobstructed one-on-one time when exploring the most exotic parts of the world.

That being said, there are tons of exotic locations that you can explore, but you probably don’t have the time or funds to check them all out.

So, which ones are the most exotic and really worth checking out first?

Exotic Travel Destinations For Couples

Bali, Indonesia

There is a good reason that Bali is known as the Islands of the Gods. It is a heavenly place that has everything to offer couples – amazing beaches, incredible scenery, great food and exotic fruit, and peaceful retreats.

There are tons of great hiking spots where you can travel through lush greenery, monkey forests or rolling rice paddies.

Maybe you want to hit the clubs and dance out with the DJ until the wee hours of the morning. That option is available to you as well.

In fact, Bali is really known for its outrageous club scene. Maybe your ideal of romance is feeling spiritually enlightened. Well, there are countless temples and shrines on the island that you can take advantage of.

Oh, and do not forget about the beaches. Bali has everything from the white sand to the ultra-rare black sand beach.

Da Lat, Vietnam

Da Lat is certainly a place you and your sweetie want to check out. You can easily get lost in the valley known as “Le Petit Paris.”

You will without a doubt come across some beautifully unexpected sceneries.

With tons of famous lakes, pine forests and beautiful flowers, you will have the time of your live here. Another good thing about the city is that you can visit it all year around thanks to its cooler climate.

So, be sure to get your Vietnam travel package and check out there area with your loved one.

Santorini, Greece

There are tons of newlyweds taking advantage of every little bit of beauty that Santorini has to offer. This cloud-like oasis really offers travelers an ethereal fantasy that just cannot be matched.

With wandering hills, weathered streets and bright white walls with blue roofs, the island itself just projects romance. The nighttime brings even more romance.

When the sun goes down and the houses, churches and restaurants turn on their lights, they literally glow like stars all across the beautiful island.


Most people come to Tanzania with the intentions of hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro.

However, many really overlook the wildlife and national parks that the country has to offer. Taking a safari with your sweetie really will open your eyes to a whole new side of the country.

Plus, the country might provide some significant times where you can share some first experiences together.

Maybe neither of you has seen a lion in the wild before. Maybe it will be the first time you drive across the African plains.

Whatever the situation is, there are lots of first time experiences that you can enjoy together in Tanzania.


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