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Around the Belle-es-sphere: March Edition

Lago di Orta, Italy, piedmont

Good morning from Queensland, Australia! In this month’s edition of  Around the Belle-es-sphere we’re heading to  Provence, Budapest, California, and Italy through the words and photos of our Belle friends from around the globe. We start with a beautiful weekend getaway in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence by Tuula: Weekend in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence Belle Provence Travels, 16 February 2014, France … Read more

Yacht Week and other travel stories

Beyond the Party: The Booming Business of The Yacht Week Forbes, December 3, 2013 I didn’t know such a thing as Yacht Week existed until recently. The idea is you gather your friends and plan a  “yacht week,” where you’ll charter a sailboat and travel a set route at the same time as other boats … Read more

Do you still buy traditional guidebooks?

…And do you have a favorite Paris hotel? The Travel Belles tackle the practical question of travel information-gathering, and dream about best places to stay in the City of Light.   Weekly Question #14: Do you still use traditional guidebooks? Considering we’re a committed group of internet-savvy, blog-writing Travel Belles, it seems we still have … Read more

Do you always travel with a camera?

And What’s the best conversation you’ve had with a stranger on a plane? The Travel Belles talk about their camera addictions and share the best conversations they’ve had on a plane.  Weekly Question #18: Do you always travel with a camera? It seems that we are a group of dedicated shutter-bugs: the answer to this … Read more

UK Editor Update: Looking for Downton Abbey

confused hometown with downton abbey

American tourists flock to wrong village in search of Downton Abbey The Telegraph, 02 Sep 2013 I laughed out loud when I came across this article – my parents have recently moved to Downton in Wiltshire, so it just tickled me to think of confused tourists turning up in their local pub. Quite understandably, people … Read more

US Editor Roundup: Planes, Trains, and Travel Secrets

travel by train, complaining about air travel

Take a plane or a train? Or is the grass always greener? Every time you’re undergoing a full body scan, waiting in a long line with the miserable masses, or about to see the last leg of your flight cancelled, the appeal of train travel is undeniable.  Personally, I love train travel. Train travel and Amtrak … Read more

Wearable Luggage and Other Things I Love this Week

History of travel – an animated view of the story so far (Infographic), Tnooz, by Kevin May via HotelClub This is an absolute travel and history lover’s dream! Shared over on Tnooz this week, this fantastic animated infographic highlights the History of Travel. The graphic proposes 1863 as the year marking the dawn of modern tourism. … Read more