Five Beautiful Villages Just A Short Drive From London

Nobody in their right mind would deny the beauty of London. It's bright, big and exciting. But sometimes it's good to experience the quiet. So we've narrowed down our top five beautiful villages just a short drive from London that are simply perfect for a…

Five Fun Historical Places In Oxford

England has an incredibly well-documented history. Countless buildings lining the streets can be dated back to the 1500s while many are even older. For about four months during college, I lived in a small flat in London. Lucky for me, my flat was close to…

Exploring Cornwall

It is naive to think that just one city sets the tone for an entire county. I quickly learned that just because you have visited London does not mean that you have visited England. I love London don't get me wrong, but it is only…
confused hometown with downton abbey

UK Editor Update: Looking for Downton Abbey

American tourists flock to wrong village in search of Downton Abbey The Telegraph, 02 Sep 2013 I laughed out loud when I came across this article – my parents have recently moved to Downton in Wiltshire, so it just tickled me to think of confused…

Visit to Penzance: England’s Tropical Paradise

Penzance proves to be just the place for a father/daughter trip Penzance, a town in Cornwall, is on the tip of the southernmost peninsula of England. It is not a popular holiday spot by any means – heck, most people living outside of the United Kingdom have…

Iris Origo and Tales of 20th Century Tuscany

A woman who lived under the Tuscan sun in the early 1900s The villa and beautiful gardens at La Foce in Tuscany. An Italian nobleman for a husband. The stuff of dreams for many a Travel Belle. But Iris Origo's life was no fairy tale.…

Olympics in London and Mummy

I caved in to pressure after she proudly brought home a huge piece of project work with the somewhat chilling final line, "I’m going to the Olympics because my mummy has bought us tickets!"
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