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Five Fun Historical Places In Oxford


England has an incredibly well-documented history. Countless buildings lining the streets can be dated back to the 1500s while many are even older. For about four months during college, I lived in a small flat in London. Lucky for me, my flat was close to the tube and bus stations and I made frequent trips … Read more

Visiting Oxford with a Local

Visiting Oxford with a local When you think of visiting Oxford, UK, what’s the first image that springs to mind? The university, no doubt. Although the exact date of its foundation remains shrouded in mystery, Oxford is thought to be the world’s oldest university, with evidence of teaching as far back as the eleventh century … Read more

London: My City, My Stranger

After moving to London two months ago, I realised I knew very little about the city. Beyond having a basic idea of how to get around, knowing what some of the major monuments are and the addresses of a few good restaurants, my knowledge was shamefully limited. I had no real idea of its architecture, history or what London has to offer its residents.

UK Editor Update: Looking for Downton Abbey

confused hometown with downton abbey

American tourists flock to wrong village in search of Downton Abbey The Telegraph, 02 Sep 2013 I laughed out loud when I came across this article – my parents have recently moved to Downton in Wiltshire, so it just tickled me to think of confused tourists turning up in their local pub. Quite understandably, people … Read more

Visit Harrods Food Hall in London

Harrods Food Hall in London is gourmet heaven. “Oh, I just love the color!” The super chic petite Asian lady, her feet barely reaching the rungs of her stool, unceremoniously grabbed my hand to take a closer look at my signature black nail polish. A conversation about cosmetics and fashion ensued, until my neighbor to … Read more

Recipe Mushy Peas & Pleasantries (Food From Around The World: Britain)

The Sunday roast revisited Let’s face it – British food has had a pretty bad reputation. Universally known for bland and sometimes boring dishes, the Brits have certainly come a long way, or perhaps the world has finally caught up to them. London and more importantly, Britain is now known to foodies throughout the world … Read more

Chillin’ Out in London’s Ice Bar

Mar. 28, 2013, Editor’s note: London’s Ice Bar is no longer the Absolut Ice Bar, but the experience described below is the same! You can learn more about it here. If your travels take you to London during the blistering heat of summer, cool off at one of the city’s trendiest and iciest venues. With … Read more