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Around the Belle-es-sphere: February Edition

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This is Krista, writing to you from Queensland, Australia this morning as I share a round up of great posts from the Belle-es-sphere, the blogs written by some of our favorite past Travel Belle contributors.

We start in Canada with a tour of a festival for small batch breweries by Cailin:

Small Batch Burn
A White Picket Fence, 08 February 2014, Canada
“We have been spending a lot of time in the Niagara region lately. I mean, what’s not to love?  Local wine, beer and spirits set amongst the beautiful backdrop of the countryside.” Cailin Szczesiul

Kate introduces us to English superstitions while touring the wintry countryside of Spain:

One for Sorrow: Snow and Superstitions
Driving Like A Maniac, 29, January 2014, Sicily
“I see a streak of black and white out of the corner of my eye and give a surreptitious salute. Davide looks at me curiously. “Why do you keep doing that?” I giggle. Explaining superstitions to an engineer – someone who spends his days mired in facts and science – is a little embarrassing. I decide to just go for the jugular.” Kate Bailward

Zita never fails to inspire with nourishing foods she creates from the freshest ingredients Budapest has to offer:

Superfood Breakfast: Vegan Banana Chia Pudding
Zizi’s Adventures, 09 September 2013, Hungary
“I love my superfood breakfasts. I wish I could have time every morning to make one of them. In real life I usually eat one or two pieces of seasonal fruit (nowadays it is an apple) and have a quick bite a bit later: most of the times it’s a piece of toast with almond or cashew butter and my mom’s sugar-free plum jam on top.” Zita Nagy

Justine does a great job dispelling fears for women traveling through India:

Travel-safe Tips for Women Traveling to India
Fire and Tea, 01 February 2014, India
“Traveling safely through India is possible and female travelers can equip themselves with a basic understanding of local customs before departure. With this knowledge, and a few simple tips, you can travel through India with confidence and experience what this incredible country has to offer.” Justine de Jonge

I’ve always loved wandering through cemeteries so I was delighted by this post by Judith on a Roman cemetery with some very familiar residents:

Deathly Quiet in Rome
Good Food and Wine and a Little Light Exercise, 26 January 2014, Italy
“Among other interesting bones are those of Goethe’s only son, designer Irene Galatzine who (unfortunately) gave women palazzo pants, and Richard Henry Dana, Jr. who wrote Two Years Before the Mast.” Judith Works



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  1. I loved reading this round-up Krista. Such wonderful posts and all from such vast locations and perspectives. This is what I love about Travel Belles. There are so many unique stories out there 🙂

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