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3 Favorite Restaurants in London

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Pizza Express on the Thames is Cailin’s favorite of their many locations throughout London

I always get asked by inquiring minds if I could live anywhere in the world where would it be. My answer is always London.  Every time I visit I feel at home and instantly start thinking about packing it all up and moving.  London’s people, culture and more importantly food and drink draw me in.

The food & pub fare in London is just about the best in the world and I’m excited to be going back this spring for our annual visit and I have compiled a list of my top three favorite London restaurants and pubs just for you!  Enjoy!

1. Pizza Express

We actually ended up visiting London twice last year and both times visited a local Pizza Express. With one in almost every neighborhood, Pizza Express offers quality pizza & pastas at affordable prices. The Bankside location along the Thames is my favorite.

Cote Bistro, London, Photo courtesy of Lost in Cheeseland

2. Cote Bistro

Although London is the one city I would love to live in, I still need my French food fix every now and again. Just like Pizza Express, Cote Bistro also has numerous locations across the city.  My favorite menu items are the Ratatouille Feuillete and of course Crème brûlée.   My favorite location is tucked away within central Wimbledon.  Also, check out my friend Lindsey’s review. She’s a real Parisian and even she liked it!

3. The Lamb & Flag

Said to be the oldest pub in Covent Garden and maybe London, The Lamb & Flag was first licensed in 1623.  There’s something to be said for the atmosphere and people in any pub in London and is not to be missed. I loved the courtyard just outside where you can eat and drink all night long. Be sure to ask for a shandy. It’s my favorite drink comprising of half beer and half lemonade. Yum!

P.S. We want your recommendations!  What is your favorite place to eat or drink in London? (how about London’s Borough Market?)

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5 thoughts on “3 Favorite Restaurants in London”

  1. Great list! Every time I go to London (which is often!) I find somewhere different to eat – the different neighbourhoods burst with restaurants representing their unique history, culture and character. I love the street food in Camden and the cool eateries and relaxed pubs in Soho. However, the Bistro du Vin in Islington is a new favourite for a nice dinner out. As a coeliac, I also adore Carluccios for its gluten-free Italian food!

  2. Couldn#t have come at a more convenient time. Next Sunday I’m headed for London and I’ll make sure to swing by the Lamb and Flag. Covent Garden is one of my favorite areas anyway.

  3. I love to eat out in Londond! For inexpensive food try the Wagamama chain (you’ll find them near the British Museum and the Tower of London among other places). Super tasty, made-to-order Asian food of different varieties – and the fast service makes them a perfect stop with kids. Off the beaten path a little (not on the Tube) is the Belle Epoque Bakery, on the edge of the Stoke Newington neighborhood in Hackney. Probably the best French pastries in London and they also serve killer lunch salads and sandwiches. For dinner before the theater, I like Belgo Centraal – great Belgian beer and mussels. And last sumemr we had a great lunch at the Chandos pub right by Trafalgar Square.

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