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8 Items That Make Airplane Travel More Pleasant

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As Travel Belles, we like to arrive at our destination looking great. But nowadays, flying can be quite a hassle with all the increased security measures, long layovers and crowded airports. Whenever possible, I opt to take the train or bus. However, I have now discovered a series of items that make air travel more pleasant:

  1. Scanner bag

Airport security demands you “take all metal items off and out of your pockets.” With the scanner bag, you no longer need to place each item individually onto the provided trays. The bag has a luggage tag with a quick-fold pouch inside to hold your cell phone, coins, iPod, keys, jewelry, pen, and whatever else could set off the detector.

2. Dream Water – a proprietary blend of herbs and melatonin available in small bottles and available at many airports.


3.     Jet lag relief pack: a mix of vitamins and neurotransmitters to help alleviate the effects of jet lag.

This kit offers relief for the symptoms of long-distance airplane travel, whether sleep disruption, fatigue, disorientation, lack of concentration, motivation or dehydration. The pack contains 3 AM and 3 PM formulas that you mix with water. Together, they restore your body’s natural rhythm.

4.     Go Clean: Laundry- Bag

A drawstring bag made from heavyweight nylon keeps your dirty laundry sealed. The odor won’t spread, and the security staff will no longer be rummaging through your unwashed underwear.

5.   Ohropax Wax Ear Plugs

A Swiss classic. I’ve compared many different types on my travels, and these definitely keep out loud baby cries. Made of wax, they adapt to your individual ear shape.

6.     Lewis N. Clark Comfort Eye Mask

This is more than the conventional eye mask. With additional cushioning, it keeps even the brightest rays of light out. Extremely useful when you want to sleep longer at a hostel, too.

7.     Scrabble Folio Edition

I’ve found that keeping yourself busy makes time fly. For those cross-Atlantic flights, a game (or two) of Scrabble can come in handy. If you’re traveling alone, make friends with the person next to you by asking them to play.


8.    Veripur Hand Sanitizer + Moisturizer

Airports and planes are notorious for collecting germs. Both before and after you grab a bite at that sandwich the flight attendant hands you, be sure to take precautions. Wash your hands thoroughly during layovers, and use a good moisturizing hand sanitizer like the 3 oz. size of Veripur during your flight. This way, you increase the odds of coming home healthy and staying that way.

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4 thoughts on “8 Items That Make Airplane Travel More Pleasant”

  1. LOVE Travel Scrabble!!! One of my best friends and I took it along on our trip through Germany and to Prague…not only is it great on the plane but also on long train rides. All great tips. Thanks!

  2. Useful! I think I might get the scanner bag, because every time I go through security I’m always scared about forgetting something there. Makes the whole process much more efficient!

  3. Some nice products here. Another thing we do with sanitizer (we use the saturated wipes in individual packets so they don’t have to fit in the ziplock bag at security) is wipe off the tray table and the arm rests as soon as we get to our seat.

  4. I like the individually wrapped packets too, Vera – but never wiped off tray tables and arm rest – great idea!… I usually have stain removal packets too with me – important not to mix up – hummm….can’t believe I haven’t done that yet 😉

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