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Visiting Oxford with a Local

Visiting Oxford with a local When you think of visiting Oxford, UK, what’s the first image that springs to mind? The university, no doubt. Although the exact date of its foundation remains shrouded in mystery, Oxford is thought to be the world’s oldest university, with evidence of teaching as far back as the eleventh century … Read more

An Afternoon in Jerusalem

If it weren’t for the scorching temperatures and unfamiliar alphabet on the menus, Tel Aviv could have been any cosmopolitan European city. Bauhaus buildings, cool cafés and a beach stretching for miles give the city its distinct character, enhanced by the fading grandeur of the architecture, the unapologetic bustle of its inhabitants – and their beauty.

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London: My City, My Stranger

After moving to London two months ago, I realised I knew very little about the city. Beyond having a basic idea of how to get around, knowing what some of the major monuments are and the addresses of a few good restaurants, my knowledge was shamefully limited. I had no real idea of its architecture, history or what London has to offer its residents.

City Break in Porto, Portugal

When visiting Portugal’s second city, Porto, I found it was possible to escape the rat race for a weekend and return relatively refreshed, with by a wallet that didn’t feel as though it had accompanied Paris Hilton on a shopping trip. Unlike much of Western Europe, Portugal still offers travellers excellent value for money, even in the main metropolises of Lisbon and Porto.

Travel Moments in Seville

My first visit to the city of Seville was not as a tourist, but as a resident of a nearby town. As a twenty year old Spanish student at a UK university, I was required to spend a year in Spain or South America, fine-tuning my language skills. I applied to work as an English Language Assistant in a Spanish secondary school, ticking ‘Andalucía’ as my ideal destination, hoping that I’d be placed in a quaint coastal town offering plenty of tanning opportunities (my cultural sensibilities were highly developed back then, as you can tell).