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Coolangatta Beach, Australia

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To this Canadian girl, January has always been synonymous with blizzards, snow boots, and huge mugs of hot chocolate, but since moving to Australia last year, it has changed to sun, sand, and the occasional surf club. I can’t get enough of the beaches of Queensland’s Gold Coast with their blindingly white sand and exquisitely warm, … Read more

When Visiting Kauai: Relax, but Don’t

Visiting Kauai can mean more than grabbing a beach chair and paperback and planting yourself on a different golden beach each day. Resist! There is so much to do on Kauai! I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when I say I am tempted when visiting Kauai, and beach destinations like it, to grab a beach chair … Read more

The Maldives: Locally Produced Luxury

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Unless you’re trying to win a reality show, there’s no need to go completely back to basics. But it’s good to know that in the midst of all the high end luxury, the Maldives hasn’t dropped the ball around sympathetic development and retaining its cultural identity.

Le Cap d’Agde: My Unlikely Ghost Town

Ever wonder what a popular Mediterranean sea-and-sun spot looks like in winter? Deserted alleyways lined with boarded-up shops. Boulevards void of vehicles. Vacant apartment complexes, every window shuttered. No, this isn’t a post-zombie-apocalypse alternate dimension. It’s a beach resort town in the south of France in mid-January. You may also like: Provence Photo Essay Le Cap … Read more

Amalfi Coast’s Laurito

One of our favorite Amalfi Coast beaches, Laurito, is a secret we hesitate to share. Foreign tourists hardly know the place. This Amalfi Coast beach is not in the average guidebook, and the few Italians on holiday along the stunning beaches of this coastline who are familiar with this secluded little strand, keep it to … Read more