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Flanders is A Festival for Across the Cafe Table

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The theme for this month’s Across the Cafe Table, “Festivals around the World,” couldn’t be more fitting.  We are currently participating in the “Flanders is a Festival” campaign being held in Belgium.

There’s one problem though: I am writing this ahead of time, and since I haven’t experienced it yet, I don’t have anything to say about the Gent Jazz Festival just yet, but by the time this post goes up, I will have been immersed in the festivities for several days.

I love the concept that a whole geographical region IS a festival. What a great way of looking at life! If everything goes as planned tonight will be my first evening at the Gent Jazz Festival which runs through Saturday. Knowing that various festivals were on the agenda has made getting ready for this trip lots of fun. Not only have I been reading up on Belgium, but I’ve been listening to music from some of the artists I’ll be hearing.

My teenage daughters and their friends are envious! Score Team MOM.

Gent Jazz Festival

I’ll be updating along the way via Facebook and Instagram. And be sure to head over here to link up your own festival posts, old or new, and read about Briana’s favorite festival and those from others.

Update: I’m having a wonderful time here in Flanders. Right now I’m in Brugge, which is lovely and an absolute “must” for anyone visiting Belgium. There is food, beer, and chocolate everywhere! I was so sorry because of a schedule change to miss lunch yesterday at Kwizien Divien. But I had a spectacular dinner at De Florentijnen, near the – catch this – Friet Museum (that’s French fry museum). Although I have nothing against them, dinner did not feature “friets.”

See more about the festival here:

Photo: Courtesy of the Gent Jazz Festival

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