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Seeing the World from the Saddle with Equitrekking’s Darley Newman

Since this is a big dream, let’s run with it: She would be host and producer of her own national television show that would not be interrupted by stupid commercials, or ever mistaken for mindless brain rot. Instead her “Katie Couric travels the world on horseback” type show would be shot in stunning High Definition, air on PBS and win Emmy Awards. Viewers would be whisked away to some of the world’s most exciting destinations to experience culture, cuisine, history and adventure.

Wandering without a Plan on a Spring Day in Chicago

I left the conference room on midday Sunday with a brain that felt as if it were a loaded freight train, but without enough fuel to go where it wanted to go. Not the ideal situation as I was faced with the decision of what to do on a sunny spring afternoon in Chicago. I determined three choices.

Anchorage, Alaska’s Best Views At Flattop Mountain

When visiting Anchorage, a stop at Flattop Mountain is a must. Before the plane even lands I can tell that Anchorage is going to be a little surprising. From my window seat,I am struck by its remarkable resemblance to the SC low country. Seriously. You may also like: New Hampshire’s White Winter Mountains As we descend from the low lying … Read more