Author: Amber Paulen

Traveling with Paper Maps, Scraps and without Apps

Can the myriad travel apps available at our fingertips always compensate for what we might lose? Amber answers, "No," and gives us all something to think about I stand at a pay phone and drop in a couple coins. I'm calling a hostel on the…

Rome Day Trip to Bracciano, Italy

When the best answer to "What to do in Rome?" is to get out of town for a day trip, try venturing to Bracciano in Italy's Lazio region. Take a train north out of Rome (leaving from Ostiense Station) for an hour or so, to Bracciano. Watch…

Literary Rome: Books To Read To Get Ready To Visit

Rome is an overwhelming city: layer on layer, history on history. To sort through it would take a lifetime and I've started too late. The advantage of the tourist is that they arrive at their destination with a list of places and things that interests…

6 Literary Spots in Rome

Rome's influence on literature has been perennial. From the time of Ovid and Virgil to the Anglo-Saxon influx of writers such as Charles Dickens, Henry James, Nathaniel Hawthorne and young John Keats, all the way up to the more recent time of Alberto Moravia and Carlo Emilio Gadda, Rome has captured the imagination and thoughts of many great writers.