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Visiting Aventine Hill, Rome

My favorite hill of the famous seven in Rome is the Aventine, set between the Tiber, Testaccio quarter and the Circus Maximus. A walk there is a lovely way to spend a sunny morning. Ancient churches, mellow-colored buildings and secluded gardens with umbrella pines and cypresses offer a respite from the sometimes noisy and chaotic … Read more

Rome Day Trip to Bracciano, Italy


When the best answer to “What to do in Rome?” is to get out of town for a day trip, try venturing to Bracciano in Italy’s Lazio region. Take a train north out of Rome (leaving from Ostiense Station) for an hour or so, to Bracciano. Watch for the Castello Odescalchi breaking from the fig trees, the centro … Read more

6 Literary Spots in Rome

Rome’s influence on literature has been perennial. From the time of Ovid and Virgil to the Anglo-Saxon influx of writers such as Charles Dickens, Henry James, Nathaniel Hawthorne and young John Keats, all the way up to the more recent time of Alberto Moravia and Carlo Emilio Gadda, Rome has captured the imagination and thoughts of many great writers.

Christmas in Rome (Italian Traditions from an American living in Rome)

Memories of Christmas traditions in Italy from an American living in Rome When I’m shopping in Seattle in mid-October and the red poinsettias in their foil-covered pots are already on display for shoppers who want to skip Halloween and Thanksgiving, I think back to Christmas celebrations in Rome which didn’t begin until mid-December. No endless … Read more

Sunday Brunch In Rome At Chiostro del Bramante

Ahh, bella Roma. Perhaps no other European city is as much a delight for the senses as this sprawling Italian capital. Enough art, beauty, and culinary wonders can be found within the square-mile that constitutes the city center to make any well-intentioned traveler’s head spin; and as the old Italian saying goes, “Roma, non basta una vita” – Rome, a lifetime is not enough.