Taking a Bike Tour of The Big Apple


​What comes to mind when you think of New York City? For most, it means larger than life skyscrapers with bustling sidewalks and streets filled with bumper to bumper taxis. There’s no denying that NYC is a mega metropolis with sights that people all the world over travel to see, but many forget that the … Read more

Beaumont: My Old Kentucky Inn

Kentucky Inn, beaumont inn, harrodsburg

I didn’t know it would take over 20 years, but I always knew I’d go back to The Beaumont Inn in Kentucky. When I think the quintessential Kentucky inn, I think of its uncloying Southern hospitality. I think of its yellow legged fried chicken served with ham cured on premises, and its casually elegant farm to table … Read more

3 Reasons to Fight the Urge to Avoid Las Vegas

When I ask people why they don’t like Las Vegas, the answer is usually some variation on the many stereotypes that rise from the commercialization and publicity of Sin City. People who haven’t visited Las Vegas for themselves seem to assume that the streets are paved with slot machines, beer comes out of the water faucets, beautiful 20-somethings rule the city and that money is torn up and thrown into the wind.

Falling for the Red Rocks of Sedona

When I mentioned to friends that we were going to Sedona, they said things like: “Don’t forget your crystals.” “Ooooh, are you going there to have your aura cleansed?” Or most ominously, “Watch out for the psychics!” I conjured a place teeming with women with long gray hair and gypsy skirts, hawking their new age … Read more

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