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French Macaroons in Charleston, SC

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Recently I heard someone declare the macaroon as the new cupcake.

Personally I think that there is  plenty of room for both macaroons and cupcakes at the tippy top of my personal food pyramid.

First let’s talk about the spelling. There’s the French, macaron, and the English, macaroon. The two major ingredients found in most all versions are ground or powdered almonds and whipped egg whites. Macaroons from various countries are often covered or dipped in chocolate, or combined or topped with coconut.

These meringue- like cookies and cakes from various parts of the world are considered fairly light as far as dessert fare goes. A notable exception, the French macaron, traditionally has a sweet buttercream filling, sandwiched between two cookies. God Bless the French.

This version française comes in a variety of flavors such as chocolate and raspberry, as well as those more suited for exotic tastes, such as truffle, tea and pistachio.

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So when I was visiting Charleston, SC  last week I was thrilled to discover something unique and new on the bakery scene, featuring French macaroons. Macaroon Boutique located on John Street opened in April. Even though it was one of the hottest days of the summer so far, I still needed something to satisfy my mid-afternoon sweet tooth.

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Macaroon Boutique is owned by chef, Fabrice Rizzo and his wife, Fabienne. For the macaroons, Fabrice uses a 165 year old starter recipe using almost all local ingredients. The exceptions? Chocolate imported from Madagascar and sea salt harvested from the west coast of France. I don’t know – but I think knowing the chocolate is imported from Madagascar makes it taste even better.

Fabienne said these raspberry tartes would travel well, so I brought some home

With counter only service, the bakery also offers breakfast pastries, crusty breads, and croissants, all made in French style.

Do you think four hours round trip is too far to drive for breakfast? Or for French macaroons?

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14 thoughts on “French Macaroons in Charleston, SC”

  1. I LOVE that you traveled so far for breakfast, Margo! 🙂 Gorgeous pictures! I had my first macaron in Paris last year and I absolutely loved the vanilla one. 🙂 One day I’ll have to get brave enough to make them. 🙂

  2. If I were a macaron (I know how ridiculous this sounds!) I’d take offence at being compared to a cupcake. They are a work of art, not a sponge wearing a fancy hat! 😆

  3. I just bought croissants and pain brioche from here this morning, this place is incredible, you feel like you are in France, the quality of their bread and pastries is fantastic. Worth the drive, absolutely!!
    Now I just need to try the macarons.

  4. On a trip to Charleston, SC with my family (first ever, and a straight 26 hour drive to get there) I was taking pictures of all the pretty scenery (so different then I was used to!) and I went to try to get a quick shot of how beautiful and eye catching the inside of this shop was… when I was rude gestured at. I was so completely flabbergasted that I just stood there stunned for several seconds while the saleswoman is swinging her arms at me and giving me a hideous look. That alone made it sure I never walked into that bakery to try their goods. I was really hurt by the action, but thankfully the rest of Charleston made up for the rude behavior I was given by this one person. If you don’t appreciate pictures of the inside, then please put a large sign in the window or on the door to let people know before you snap at them- especially first time visitors. I have a gorgeous shot of their window with the words and pastries behind it but have no desire to show anyone the shot, or to provide it to the bakery as I do with all pictures I take.

  5. ugh, so sorry Kacey! I always find it best to ask permission before taking photos inside a store… although sometimes, I admit I get inspired to click off a few shots before so. Charleston is definitely overall is a very friendly city 🙂

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