Friday Photos: Roman Romance

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Romance on Capitoline Hill in July

Flowered sundress and shade, eternal love and Rome and a view over the ancient Forum on Capitoline Hill. Touring the Forum below, others search for something, baking under July’s sun, while we love each other under a canopy of green, on a cool wall and know that sitting here together has been done for centuries by others before us.

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6 thoughts on “Friday Photos: Roman Romance”

  1. I am not a romantic but this pic just melted my heart. It inspired me to read a Jane Austen novel (for the third time!).
    In 135 days (yes, I am counting down) I will be in Rome, hope I can find this spot and try to mirror your pic 😉

  2. Cool, Monique! It’s a very easy spot to find. If my memory is correct it is behind the Piazza del Campidoglio towards the right hand side, when facing the Forum.

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