Loire Valley

Loire Valley Wine Tasting at Chateau du Petit Thouars

What Travel Belle could resist a tweeted invitation to one of the beautiful wineries in France from a Frenchman with good manners and a chateau to a Loire Valley wine tasting? Today I'm in a waxing-about-Fall-and-France kind of mood, so I'm going to tell you…

Château de Chenonceau: The Loire Valley’s Castle of the Ladies

The Château de Chenonceau is largely known for the royal ladies who have held sway throughout French history and at one time occupied the magnificent structure with it five arch design that spans the Cher River. The history books say that the chateau we see today was built in 1513 by Charles XVIII of France. But this doesn't tell the whole story.

Visit Guérande, France

I am in Guérande, France, a charming, walled, medieval village near the Atlantic coast. The town is the stuff of fairy tales, dreamlike, really. It is the kind of French village I always hope I’ll luck into.

Garmin and Me: How My GPS and I Became Friends

When I was driving in France around the Loire Valley several weeks ago, let's just say my GPS device and I got to know each other pretty well. Here are some things I observed and how our relationship developed from its rocky beginnings.

French Goat Cheese from the Loire Valley

Those delicate little rounds of loveliness with their subtle yet somewhat nutty flavor, seem to be available at every turn in France. Spread on a baguette, or served warm in a salad, then consumed with a glass of Sancerre wine (yes, I'm a Sancerrean wine snob today, in yet another futile effort to hold onto any vestiges of Frenchiness that remain after returning home two weeks ago) is a quintessential French experience.

7 Solo Travel Lessons From the Loire Valley

Sometimes lessons learned from traveling hit you right away, and sometimes they don't dawn on you until years later. Here's a start with six things I've been thinking about since I returned from my recent trip to the Loire Valley.