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Across the Cafe Table: Solo Travel

In our first #TBCafeChat of 2014,  we discussed  solo travel. We asked the Belles: Have you ever travelled solo? What did you learn from the experience? Experiences varied widely – from occasional solo weekend trips, to long solo adventures of several months. Yet the feelings…

Finding Solace in Raglan, New Zealand-II

Part two of Taylor St. John's adventures in Raglan, New Zealand. (Part one can be found here) Out the back of a little house in Raglan West bathing suits dangled from a clothes line and dripping wetsuits hung over a fence haphazardly, which made the…

Finding Solace in Raglan, New Zealand- Part 1

Taylor St. John explores, Raglan, a famed North Island surf village, and can't resist staying a while When the bus first drove me into Raglan, I forgot to get off. Or rather I hadn’t thought the short string of shops we had just passed amounted…

Travel for the Soul

When getting out of town is the best medicine There comes a time in everyone’s life where we are just stuck. Stuck in the same everyday routine, stuck in an unsure relationship, stuck with the idea of not knowing where we want to be and…

Travelling Solo In Sarajevo, Bosnia

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a city on the Balkan peninsula, still visibly recovering from the longest siege in modern European history, which began 20 years ago this month. It might seem like a peculiar place to extol as a great destination for lone female travellers.…

10 Tips for Adventurous Solo Travel for Women

Travel Belles know that exploring the world has its rewards: seeing beautiful scenery, meeting new people, experiencing different cultures and, of course, trying the delicious flavors of other countries. Still, we also recognize that adventures often come with challenges, especially when traveling alone. With the…

Fried Bananas and Rickshaws: Traveling Solo to Melaka, Malaysia

Later that day, I finally decided to indulge in the quintessential Melaka experience and took my own trishaw ride. Choosing the most garish vehicle I could find, I set off on an hour’s tour of the town with a friendly guide. Stereo booming with Shaggy’s Greatest Hits, I swallowed my embarrassment and sat back in my gaudy carriage.

Garmin and Me: How My GPS and I Became Friends

When I was driving in France around the Loire Valley several weeks ago, let's just say my GPS device and I got to know each other pretty well. Here are some things I observed and how our relationship developed from its rocky beginnings.
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