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The Mystery of the Champagne Corks of Chinon

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Two champagne corks rested side by side in front of the park bench. I was wandering the town of Chinon in the Loire Valley; my current task, if you could call it that, choosing a bench for a picnic spot in the shady park that invitingly runs along the Vienne River.

Cork is made from small pieces of bark from the cork oak tree, an evergreen oak that is found primarily in Portugal and Spain.

I did find it curious, this detail about there being two of them; a single champagne cork probably wouldn’t have even caught my attention. These two looked like an  in-love couple attached at the hip.

Where were the bottles these two corks had plugged mere hours earlier? From the corks I could only tell that they had once held the same brand of champagne, Veuve Clicquot (translation: Widow Clicquot.)

I think the possibility that two people consumed an entire bottle of champagne each somewhat unlikely, but not totally out of the question. Instead perhaps there had been a small family celebration or gathering of friends, champagne bottles uncorked, where crystal glasses or tiny paper cups had been toasted in celebration of a special occasion. Maybe the sound of shattering glass pierced through the darkness of the previous night as the two bottles were tossed into a nearby glass recycling bin.

Being 100% biodegradable, maybe someone had put the two corks in their pocket, waiting for the right moment to return them to from where they came.

What do you think is up with the two champagne corks? Have you seen anything recently where you knew there was something to the story?

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4 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Champagne Corks of Chinon”

  1. Sweet story! My guess would indeed be two lover’s picnicking or celebrating something special. Or maybe a group of friend celebrating with them.. Champagne would definitely mean really something special. An engagement perhaps?? Either way, I find it all very romantic…

  2. She brought a bottle of Veuve to the park. He met her at their special bench, the one where they once shared their first kiss many moons ago. She wanted to celebrate but unknowingly, he had brought his own bottle and popped his cork a little too early… (to be continued)

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