Instagram of the Week: Santa Maria Maggiore, Italy

The #historic town of Santa Maria #Maggiore, #Italy near the border with #Switzerland is located in the #Vigezzo #Valley in the #Piedmont region. The surrounding area is sometimes called the “Valley of the painters." A range of leisure activities, from the #energetic to the #relaxing…

Hiking In Piedmont

Dear Italy, I love you, but you need more wilderness. This is probably the West Virginian in me talking.

The Rooftops of Vogogna, Italy

Photo: Being somewhat of an architecture and history nerd, I wanted to share with you the view at Palazzo del Gabelliere over the rooftops of Vogogna, Italy.

Recipe for Panna Cotta: Recreating and Remembering

From the first bite I was undone. I closed my eyes in sheer bliss as the silken panna cotta melted on my tongue, mingling with caramel sauce so intense it was almost bitter. I was in heaven and lingered over every glorious spoonful.

Bra, Italy: The City of Raw Meat

Bra, Italy, in the raw I’ll try anything once. Then I’ll try it again, and if I don’t like it I’ll try it a third time just to be sure. Taste buds and expectations change, so maybe the food will, too. And when the food…

Discovering Italy’s Piedmont

Today we're going to visit the Piedmont Region of Italy... I definitely feel the excitement. At the end of September a few Travel Belle friends and writers and I are going to be meeting in one of Belle-dom's favorite places: Italy! We are chipping in…

Turin: An Italian Chocolate Primer

Giddier than a teenager going to a Justin Bieber concert, with chocolate guidebooks in hand, I set out to visit the hundreds of chocolate shops in the city. Although I didn’t get anywhere close to all of them, I’m sure I made a serious dent in Turin’s chocolate supply. Death by chocolate was a strong possibility. Via visits to six chocolatiers, I give you a glimpse of my chocolate binge in Turin.

Piedmont,Italy: Food Lover’s Tour of the Region

Take two ex-Italy dwellers who have a healthy curiosity about regional cuisine, who happen - no surprise - to be major Italian food lovers. Toss in a great itinerary in Italy's Piedmont region, add a very compact European car, and you have the makings for a pretty decent road trip.

Living in the Slow Food Lane in Bra, Italy

We wondered strongly if all this fine-living was accessible to the average traveler, so packing up our wondrously-small Renault Clio, we hit the road with only our trusty Lonely Planet, and pasta-loving appetites, to guide us. Unfortunately, the truffle pig had to stay at home.