Turin: An Italian Chocolate Primer

Giddier than a teenager going to a Justin Bieber concert, with chocolate guidebooks in hand, I set out to visit the hundreds of chocolate shops in the city. Although I didn’t get anywhere close to all of them, I’m sure I made a serious dent in Turin’s chocolate supply. Death by chocolate was a strong possibility. Via visits to six chocolatiers, I give you a glimpse of my chocolate binge in Turin.

Cardoons Recipe – Cooking A Royal Tradition From Piedmont, Italy

In northern Italy, a stalky vegetable becomes a dish fit for a king Italy’s Piedmont region is a land of rolling vineyards and great northern wines like Barbaresco and Barolo. The area is rich in foods like chestnuts, chocolate and truffles. Since I moved here in May to study at the University of Gastronomic Sciences, I have … Read more