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Italian Destinations for Your Personality Type

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When visiting Italy, pick the destinations that best suit your personality

Italy is a country that has it all. From sprawling metropolis to charming countryside there is a place for every type of traveler to have the adventure of a lifetime. Italy’s got you covered whether you’re a beach bum, artist, hopeless romantic, urbanite or a countryside adventurer.

Warning: this post may result in a spontaneous getaway.

Rome – The Urbanite Traveler

Metropolitans will revel in the ancient city that was once the capital of the world. Rome’s lux high end storefronts paired with its open markets and chic boutiques make it a haven for shopaholics and good coffee to fuel the splurges will never be in short supply at the many cafes. Art museums and historical highlights peppered throughout the city balance out its ultra-urban feel, so that the busy city still feels like a magical destination. The Vatican, the Colloseum, the Pantheon, an indefinite number of buzzing piazzas, and top notch eateries provide an abundant source of entertainment. City crawlers are kept busy between the sights, smells, tastes and textures of this international hub.

Florence – The Artistic Traveler

Artsy travelers find a second home in Florence where the great masters of Renaissance and Baroque art found inspiration and set up world famous art institutes. The city has scenic gardens, a romantic river, and a historic quarter brimming with classic architecture. The botanic gardens make you want to bust out a paintbrush and start a watercolor of the sculpted shrubbery and well groomed flora while the Ponte Vecchio or old bridge makes you want to shoot a time lapse video of the sun setting over the water.

Cinque Terre – The Sun Worshipping Traveler

Beach bums park it in the sand all day on the coast of the Cinque Terre and absorb the golden rays of the Italian Riviera sun. The brightly colored umbrellas along the turquoise water create an amazingly picturesque scene to work on your glow or take a dip in the water. For those who do venture off the sand once in a while there are amazing hiking trails with bird’s eye views of the five fishing villages that make up this region and charming towns with lovely shops and cafes to spend your afternoons at. I doubt you’ll ever see as many perfectly bronzed people nibbling gelato and focaccia as you’ll see in the Cinque Terre.

Dolomites – Adventurer

The Dolomites are Italy’s Alps and comprise the most scenic green mountainside villages and snowcapped peaks. Their proximity to the border between Germany and Italy make this region a unique mix of Germany meets Italy where you can pick up an authentic pair of embroidered lederhosen but can also find pizza perfection at the local pizzerias. The rocky pinnacles attract mountaineers, ski aficionados, and hikers. If you’re looking for alpine adventure, this is the perfect place. Even the less sporty can ride the gondolas up the mountain and look out the windows of the glass capsule at the perfectly picturesque green countryside of farmhouses and forest.

Venice – The Hopeless Romantic Traveler

Venice is for lovers. The city is an impossibly romantic place straight out of a storybook. Its canals, gondoliers, ornate architecture, charming bridges enchant visitors. No cars in the city mean long romantic strolls through the narrow cobblestone streets and boat rides are on the agenda. Add glowing nights sipping on Prosecco in the piazza San Marco and exploring Dodge’s Palace by day. Needless to say, if you weren’t in love before, prepare to have fallen head over heels for the city by the end of your stay.



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