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Italian Beach in Salereno

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One haven of an Italian beach in the Salerno province

Sandy, rocky, stormy, sunny – I will take a beach any way it comes. But give me a secluded beach with clear water and sun-warmed sand and you’ve got one ecstatic girl on your hands.

I found such a beach on a trip to Southern Italy with dear friends of mine. We stayed in a gorgeous fairytale villa tucked up in the hills near Perdifumo in the province of Salerno.

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Although we could see the ocean from our hillside perch, we had no idea how to get there. We grabbed our trusty Italian map, picked a likely sounding town and ventured down narrow, winding mountain roads to find a beach.

Much to our delight we discovered the perfect beach at our very first stop at the town of Santa Maria di Castellabate. The town and beach here became our favorite haunt and go-to place for recuperating after madcap days exploring Naples, Capri, and blistering hot Pompeii.

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We visited in late spring and no matter what time of day we went,the beach was almost completely empty, dotted here and there with tanned local families and the occasional pure white Englishman.

Inexpensive public parking kept our rental car close by and local shops provided snacks and drinks in case we got peckish. Ten Euro secured us a comfy blue lounge chair with umbrella and – very important detail – the use of the bathroom.

Water bottles, towels, and stacks of books in tow, we spent many happy hours reading, snoozing, swimming, tanning, and of course, people-watching.

Up the coast and down these parts of the Italian coast were more popular beaches, bigger ones, with loads of people and fancy hotels nearby, and  much more likely to win the popular vote for “best Italian beach.” But we loved our little beach at Santa Maria di Castellabate.

It’s the beach I dream of.

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22 thoughts on “Italian Beach in Salereno”

  1. Wow, what a beach – looks like the perfect “getaway” as indeed that part of Italy can get mighty crowded. Love the secluded nature…not to mention that the water looks divine! Thanks for sharing this “gem” with us Krista.

  2. It really was, Jenna! Pompeii was about 2 hours away, as is Capri, Naples, etc. I would definitely recommend getting a rental car. I drove for our group nearly the entire time and didn’t have any problems at all. 🙂 Just bring a GPS and coins for parking and you’re good to go. 🙂

  3. Oh me too, Corinne!! I’m so glad I got a bit of summer in Malta this past week – for I certainly haven’t seen much of one in Amsterdam this year. 🙂

  4. I wish I could sit at this beach right now. My outfit is perfect for that. I’m wearing a bikini sitting in front of the computer. It’s so hot in the flat! I need cool sea breeze!!! 🙂

  5. Hi Krista

    I saw the beach from the boat when I was at the Amalfi Coast last month and thought I want to go there…. I love the Amalfi coast but the beaches were/are small and rather crowded as you know. So thanks for that I will definitely go there next time. I did go to Salerno and had some Scalpi – otherwise known as Arancini Di Riso elsewhere . It was so good ……….. I am missing Italy …….

  6. I am so ready to go…which is odd because 1. I’m in Texas and it’s been 10,000 degrees this summer, and 2. my next trip is to Antarctica, which is a far cry from an Italian beach!

    Thanks for your blog; I really enjoy keeping up with you.



  7. Hi, You may wish to visit the beautiful island of Folegandros, Greece, about an hour, by ferry boat from Santorini. It has a number of rustic and quiet beaches, few tourists of any kind on the island and one beach I found there that you can walk to from the main road (20 min walk) after driving there by car or scooter. This beach is secluded and when the last boat at 5PM comes by to collect any visiting swimmers you will likely have the beach to yourself 🙂 You can ask the locals how to find it and there is one beautifully located hotel on the island that I can recommend if you are interested. Cheers, James.

  8. You are so welcome, Linda! 🙂 I am like you, wanting beautiful but less-crowded beaches. I hope you can try this one the next time you’re in the area. I’m missing Italy too…:-)

  9. Aren’t we travel types crazy, Nancy? 🙂 We can be so excited to go to places that are completely different from each other. 🙂 Your next jaunt sounds fantastic. 🙂

  10. How lovely, Lewis! 🙂 It is such a pretty little town and the people we met were so friendly. I hope you get to visit there really soon. 🙂

  11. Wow! Beautiful pictures! My grand mother was from Salerno. Avila Beach in California is tucked away..once hidden from tourists but now very popular. Me and my friends brought our chikdren down often for the day during summer time many years ago..always sunny when other places nearby were caught in fog. I am a Realtor and Artist and have lived on the Central Coast 32 years. Feel free to contact me.

  12. Hey Krista, the photo pictured of this amazing beach, can you please tell me the name of it. We are going there next year and want to go there!

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