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Seville, Sip by Sip

Before I moved to Seville, I had a vague idea that everyone in Spain drank sangria and the kind of earthy red wines Hemmingway used to write about. I soon discovered that the repertoire of Spanish beverages is far larger and more nuanced than I had imagined. If you ever find yourself in southern Spain, … Read more

Traditional Foods In Argentina That Are Not Steak

Eating your way through all the traditional foods in Argentina will leave both steak lovers and non-steak lovers with plenty to try. Many travellers write off traditional Argentine cuisine as steak, steak and more steak. Don’t be fooled. This massive South American country’s complex gourmet history fuses Italian, Spanish and indigenous roots, and goes far beyond … Read more

Even More Budget Restaurants In Paris

Where to eat in Paris’ 6th to 10th arrondissements without breaking the bank can be a difficult question. Never fear: Travel Belles is here! You may also like: Budget Restaurants In Paris 6th arrondissement The 6th arrondissement is a great location for shopping; the boutiques along Rue du Four are particularly worth exploring, but you’ll need somewhere to grab … Read more

Chocolate And Castles In Astorga, Spain

Like many girls, I am in a long-term love affair with chocolate, and have a weakness for fairytale castles. Imagine my delight when I happened across a small town which combined the two. Not so surprising, you might be thinking, if I were in Belgium, or Switzerland perhaps. In fact, I was in northwest Spain, in a town called Astorga.