Beaumont: My Old Kentucky Inn

Kentucky Inn, beaumont inn, harrodsburg

I didn’t know it would take over 20 years, but I always knew I’d go back to The Beaumont Inn in Kentucky. When I think the quintessential Kentucky inn, I think of its uncloying Southern hospitality. I think of its yellow legged fried chicken served with ham cured on premises, and its casually elegant farm to table … Read more

Yacht Week and other travel stories

Beyond the Party: The Booming Business of The Yacht Week Forbes, December 3, 2013 I didn’t know such a thing as Yacht Week existed until recently. The idea is you gather your friends and plan a  “yacht week,” where you’ll charter a sailboat and travel a set route at the same time as other boats … Read more

Falling for the Red Rocks of Sedona

When I mentioned to friends that we were going to Sedona, they said things like: “Don’t forget your crystals.” “Ooooh, are you going there to have your aura cleansed?” Or most ominously, “Watch out for the psychics!” I conjured a place teeming with women with long gray hair and gypsy skirts, hawking their new age … Read more

Myrtle Beach 101: Part One

Mention Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, and many a married man gets a wild look in his eye . For them a trip to this area which is sometimes referred to as The Grand Strand is mostly associated with one thing: golf. This first article in The Travel Belles series, “Myrtle Beach 101,” isn’t for them. … Read more

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