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5 Things that aren’t true about Italian Food

The “traditions” behind some of our favorite traditional Italian food favorites aren’t what you think. Over the years, Italy’s world-famous cuisine has seamlessly entered into U.S. culinary culture thanks to immigration, globalization and Giada De Laurentiis. Still, that stuff you eat at your neighborhood joint or local Little Italy is likely more American than Italian, so … Read more

Meet Former Commercial Airline Pilot, Jessica Orquina

Jessica Orquina, former commercial airline pilot Travel Belle Jessica Orquina started flying planes as a teenager. As an adult, she turned her hobby into a profession, working first as a flight instructor and then as a commercial pilot and member of the U.S. Air Force Reserves, where she was the only woman in her squadron. … Read more

Eating Guide to Boston

 Eating and getting around in Massachusetts’s capital city. (Because Belles love the food in Boston too.) You already learned in Part 1 where to go for history, art and fashion in Massachusetts’ capital city, but there’s much more for a Belle to eat, see and do when visiting Boston. Read on to learn about digging in, … Read more

Doing Dublin with an Expat

Thanks to visits from friends, a new Dublin expat remembers to see  When I moved to Dublin last September, I jumped right into life as a Dublin expat, or whatever that meant, as a new transplant in country totally unknown to me. I spent just a few days getting acquainted with my new city – … Read more